Run Run Duck

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Run Run Duck takes players to a pixel world where the duckling's journey begins. You will help him overcome all challenges to reach the finish line of the game.

As an adventurous and adventurous duckling, the little duck decides to go to the forest to conquer difficulties he has never faced. This place hides secrets and difficult challenges, do you agree to help the ducklings overcome them all?

What do you need to do to get there?

The player's task when participating in Run Run Duck is strange but familiar. Like other running games like AdventNEON or Ben 10 Run, you will also move with the little duck from the starting line, trying to overcome all to reach the finish line. You need to complete the goal in the shortest time possible to get a good score.


In the game, players will constantly confront difficult challenges. Don't let your little duck get bullied by monsters in the jungle. Touching them will cost you a life. Even more dangerous are the deep pools, they can remove you from the game immediately when you fall there, even if you have a lot of lives.

Control guides

The player will use the arrow keys to control the duck. The up arrow will be used to jump, and the left and right arrows will be used to navigate the duck forward or backward.

Tips for players

  • Make the most of duck lives, at each level you will get 3 lives.
  • Jumping on top of monsters will help you destroy them.
  • Jump up to discover the mysterious gifts in the game. It could be coins, power-ups, battle armor, etc.