Ben 10 Run

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Ben 10 Run is a good running game inspired by the famous cartoon. This game is not only about speed but also requires players to have good skills and reflexes.

Playing Ben 10 Run Online

Character selection

In this fascinating game, the first thing when you start the game is to choose the character to accompany you on the endless road. You can choose one of two characters from the list. Basically, these two characters are only different in appearance. You need to pay attention to how to control them so that they can run as far as possible. So how to control, let's go to the next part.

Control instructions

Players use the corresponding arrow keys to navigate their character to turn left, right, and jump up or down on the track to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

Your goal in Ben 10 Run

Since this is an endless race track, players need to move forward as far as possible. The longer you run, the greater the chance of collecting more coins. However, players should also note that as you run farther and farther, the game speed also increases. Requires players to handle the situation flexibly. If you've played The Smufrs Skate Rush, you're probably familiar with this feature.