Tap Tap Shots

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About Tap Tap Shots

For those who love sports games, especially basketball, Tap Tap Shots will be an indispensable game in their favorite game list. This is a game that is develiped by Maximiliano Demonte. When it is launched, it attracts many gamers with its simple and interesting gameplay. Let's start the game and discover many exciting things in this basketball game!

The leaderboard in Tap Tap Shots

Have you ever put your name on any rank? In spite of yes or no, this game gives you a chance for registering your name on its leaderboard. Tap Tap Shots' ranking consists of the achievement board of daily, weekly, monthly and all time. If you can get a high score today, your name will appear on this board. And if this score is high enough, it can dominate the higher rankings and can compete with more excellent players.

This leaderboard is for gamers who are the best participants. Therefore, do not be too worried or disappointed when you cannot immediately appear on this ranking. The more times you play, the more experience you will gain and you will soon make your name on the leaderboard and compete for high rankings with other players.

Some tips for getting points

Distance is one of the important factors that help you score goals. You need to align the distance so that each throw will not send the ball out. Moreover, after each scoring, the basket will be moved from this side to another and a different position. You cannot use the old recipe for it, instead, you need to change the power and distance and pitch.

Besides, Tap Tap Shots has a timer bar which tells you how much time is left for you to score. If this timer runs out and you still can't score, the game is over. Therefore, save time so you have more chances to score. You can even let the ball drift all the way to the edge when you find it can't get into the net to quickly play again, saving time.

The simple gameplay of Tap Tap Shots

This game is known as one of the best sports games. The reason is not only by the eye-catching graphics but also by being easy to play. It does not make people meet many difficulties when joining this game or understaning about the game.

The way to crack Tap Tap Shots

In this game, your task is to touch the screen or click the mouse to make the ball bounce and get into the basket. With each click, your ball will bounce higher. The game will be more interesting when the basket will constantly change position after each player scores a goal. Therefore, you can click multiple times to make the ball bounce higher. Or, you can also adjust the ball to bounce lower. Depending on the position of the basket, you should adjust the force and bounce of the ball to get the highest score possible and put your name on the leaderboard.

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How to control

Click the mouse to control the game.