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As an attractive card game, suitable for players of all ages, Uno Online has been and is one of the games dominating the market. Invite your friends and join this exciting game right away.

The principles of Uno Online

In this game, your task is to try to be the first to run out of cards. After dealing, you and your opponent will have the same number of cards. When the first player presents a card, the remaining players will have to give cards of the same color or number as that card. If not, you will have to take back a random card. During the game, whoever is the first to run out of all the cards will be the winner and get the bonus.


Is Uno Online a mobile game?

Not really. No installation required, you can still play it on mobile devices or computers.

Is Uno Online on iOS?

Yes, of course. Our website offers this game to all users whether Android, iOS or some other operating system.

Cards will appear in Uno Online

In this game, besides you can choose the difficulty of the game, or choose to play with different modes. Uno Online is also extremely interesting in that you can combine using and taking advantage of special cards in the game.

Special Cards

In Uno Online, sometimes whether you win or not depends a lot on these special cards. They are:

  • Color changing cards
  • 4-card draw cards

Most players try to maintain the color they have a lot of cards in, but this is not a smart strategy. Everyone should keep an equal number of card colors, to ensure they can play them out in the future. By changing colors frequently, players will receive a full deck of colors that can be played at all times and will reduce the number of draws to be made. This also makes it difficult for the opponent to guess the color of the card you have.

Use action cards in an intelligent way

Hitting the action cards at the right time is extremely important. Always count your opponent's cards and decide if it's time to use Action cards. In Uno Online, you should not keep too many skip and reverse cards because it can help your opponent to add more points. Besides, if you can, you should keep the last wild card that changes color so you don't have to draw in case you don't have a card of the same color as your opponent.

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How to play

Use the mouse to control the game.