A Small World Cup Game Online

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Description of A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a ragdoll soccer game developed by game studio Rujo Games. Players need to try to score more goals than their opponents.

Game mode

The game has three game modes: World Cup, Golden Goal, and Practice. In World Cup mode, you will participate in a football tournament consisting of 14 national teams. In Golden Goal mode, you will compete against the computer AI in short matches, where you only need to score one goal to win. In Practice mode, you can practice your skills in free matches.

How many teams are there in the game?

A Small World Cup has 7 awesome team competitions, including the classic World Cup, Euro Cup, and America Cup, and exciting club competitions like Euro Clubs, Italian Clubs, and English.

How to play A Small World Cup?

How to play

  • Use your touchpad or mouse to drag and drop your players.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to shoot the ball.
  • Tap your player to beat the opponent's goalkeeper.

Game Rules

  • Matches are quick and thrilling, just a few minutes each for bursts of fun.
  • The rules are simple, but becoming a master takes a bit of practice.
  • Score bonus points for cool tricks and epic long-range goals.
  • Climb up the leaderboard to be the ultimate Small World Cup champion!