Age Of War 3

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Age Of War 3 is an action-fighting game that uses strategic thinking. Players will defend against the attack of the enemy, and destroy and destroy their base.

Play Age Of War 3

Battle your way through historical stages in the frenetic action and strategy game Age of War 3. In the game, the player must both fight and defend to defeat enemies and evolve. From ancient warriors to modern warriors. Are you ready?

As one of the popular and well-reviewed games, Age Of War 3 is growing and gaining the trust of gamers. Because of such factors, we want to bring this game to people who have never known it. If you are interested, let's play this game right on our platform. Speaking of action games, we also have many other games, of which Human Resistance is a typical game.

The battle in Age Of War 3

In this game, you will fight against your enemies by building yourself a powerful army with brave warriors. The special thing that other games do not have like Age Of War 3 is that this is a game where you will develop your army from one era to another.

You will train a powerful army from prehistoric people riding dinosaurs to modern people driving tanks in a world war or robot warriors with great destructive power in the future. You will only be able to win and move to another level when you have completely destroyed the enemy. Also, don't forget that you can evolve your troops as well as the enemy, they can even hit this target quickly. Therefore, be very careful and plan your battle well.

Control instructions

Use the mouse to control the game. All operations in the game are extremely simple. Players only need to click on the icon of their choice to activate and perform the necessary operations. With each stage, there will be different combat units, military systems, and defenses. Therefore, players need to have a strategy and calculate how to use it reasonably.

Why you should play this game


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • There are many new improvements
  • Unlock soldiers through various historical periods
  • Upgrade soldiers and weapons.

How to unlock and upgrade

The more enemies you kill, the more money and experience you have. Money will be used to buy new warriors and weapons and resupply the current army. As for combat experience points, when enough is accumulated in the current period, the player will be transferred to the next era, evolve, and more modern by one level. Of course, along with that, the enemy also evolves on the same level as you.


In terms of graphics, Age of War 3 has quite harmonious and elegant colors. For each historical period, the design of the characters, as well as combat vehicles, animals, landscapes, has changed, giving players a feeling of authenticity. Besides, the gaming environment is also constantly changing, from the desert to the snow-covered forest, to the crowded city with skyscrapers... Vivid sound, suitable for the period of history increases the inspiration for players.