G-Switch 3

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Don't need to focus on gravity, join an intensive running game called G-Switch 3. Control your character to avoid deadly traps and run the longest distance.

G-Switch 3 info

The game rules

In this game, your tracks are placed in space and divided into many different paths. These paths can cause your character to run like normal or have to hang in the air. So to avoid falling out of space, you need to press keys to help your character flip and keep running. In addition, there are a lot of rotating gears, they can take your character's life anytime. So, you should avoid colliding with them and try to run as far as possible. Good luck!

It is said that the game can help you to have a lot of entertainment. You can invite your friends to play the game. Both of you will control the characters on the same device. Let's compete fairly to determine the winner with impressive scores. You can also play many times to train your skills and break your record.

How to control

You can use any key or the left mouse button to control it.

The exciting game modes of G-Switch 3

The Endless Mode

This game mode is for those times when you want to play alone. The mode offers an endless race track with many hazardous traps. You must dodge them in time to save your life. Remember that you only have two lives in this mode. Therefore, you must control your character well to get the highest scores before running out of life.

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The Multiplayer Mode

With up to 8 players at the same time, you can join this game mode with friends or family. Each character will be marked with different colors. You should pay attention to the instructions to know which key you need to press to control your character. In this mode, you must compete with others. Either you try to become the first to reach the finish line or the last to stay on the race track.