Drunken Boxing

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What is Drunken Boxing?

Welcome to a dramatic duel of Drunken Boxing. Have you ever seen a boxing match between two drunk people? If not, Drunken Boxing will let you witness, even participate in this fight.

Defeat opponents in Drunken Boxing

Coming to the ring of Drunken Boxing, you will play a boxer who is drunk. Your task is to compete with another drunk boxer. Two boxers will fight each other until one of the two players reaches 5 points first. You will only win when the opponent runs out of health. Try to defend, at the same time attack to quickly end the fight.

How to control

  • Use the WASD to control player 1.
  • Use the arrow keys to control player 2.

Some notes for you in Drunken Boxing

This is an attractive action game, if you want to win you need to use all your strength to not be outdone by your opponent. You can experience this game on our Elastic Man website.

When are you supposed to win?

Coming to this game, gamers will compete against the machine in 1 player mode, or join friends in 2 player mode. Your task is to punch the opponent so that he can take damage from that punch. The more dangerous your punches are, the greater the damage will be. You can monitor your own health as well as your opponent's health through the game's HP bar. Whoever runs out of health first loses that round. The player who wins 5 rounds first will be the champion.

Tips and tricks

Below the Drunken Boxing HP bar there is a power indicator bar. When you are attacked too much or use too much strength to attack the opponent, you will gradually lose strength. Then defend and retreat to avoid losing too much blood. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for you to wait for your strength to be restored and continue to fight the opponent. In particular, keep in mind that punches that hit the head of the enemy will deal more damage.