Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart supermarket business

What do you think about becoming a boss of a supermarket? Play Monkey Mart and do many daily tasks in a market such as manage, monitor, harvest and sell products to your customers. Can you do a good job as a supermarket owner, ensure to retain familiar customers and attract more new customers in Monkey Mart?

Your mission in Monkey Mart

In this funny game, you will transform into a monkey who is the boss of a supermarket. Your market will sell many different products for other monkey customers. The first major agricultural product that you need to grow and harvest is bananas, the monkey's favorite food. Then you will expand and sell more products like corn, milk, and eggs. Each customer who comes to the supermarket will choose what they want to buy and go to the cashier to pay. Collect money, and you will expand and develop your own supermarket.

How to control

In Monkey mart, players can use the arrow keys to move as well as do other activities. You just need to move to the essential positions, your character will do his work automatically. Besides, you need to use the mouse to choose the upgrade options.

The special supermarket in Monkey Mart

If you are used to going to a human supermarket and being served by beautiful staff, Monkey Mart will bring you a whole new experience. This is where all the action in the supermarket takes place in the world of monkeys. You will see in the supermarket that the products that are sold out are all products that the monkeys can use.

Upgrade and expand your supermarket

In this game, in addition to taking care of customers, you should also expand your supermarket to be able to sell more products and attract more customers. As your business in Monkey Mart grows, you will earn more cash. Use that cash to expand your supermarket business.

Hire more staff for the supermarket

When your supermarket gets bigger and more famous in town, there will certainly be more people to buy at your supermarket. You will not be able to manage and do all the work in the supermarket alone anymore. That's why you should hire more employees. The staff can help you with the harvesting and stacking the products on the booth, the cashiers will help you with the bill and collect money from the customers. Thanks to that, your work in Monkey Mart will be easier and more efficient.

Suggestions for you in Monkey Mart

Occasionally, naughty children will drop items in your store. Don't get angry, but quickly clean up and put the items in the right place. Although busy with your business, as a supermarket famous owner you should also take care of your character. At this game, you can buy hat accessories for your monkey. Make your character look more fashionable. In addition, there are many other entertaining games on the Elastic Man web that are equally attractive. If you're interested, give it a try playing Idle Ants, or Interactive Inflatables.