Idle Ants

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Description of Idle Ants

Welcome to the world of ants, where you'll be with these tiny creatures and forage for food to bring back to your nest. Pieces of donuts, chocolate, cookies are waiting for you to come and enjoy them in Idle Ants. Are you ready to participate in this exciting game?

Have fun with Idle Ants

Start the game, you will accompanish just one ant. And your mission in this game is to take the food back to your nest. Because the food is pretty large, while your ants are smaller and move slowly, collecting the food is not easy. They need to come and take the food many times again. However, no matter what, you can get more ants and they will accompany you to collect every little piece of food. The more food you collect, the more money you will receive.

Control instructions

In this game, you do not need to control the direction of the ants, nor do you need to instruct them how to collect food. You just need to use the mouse to make upgrades to make it easier for the ants to collect food.

Upgrade your ants in Idle Ants

As mentioned, initially you only have 1 ant to help you get food. Meanwhile, the cakes are quite big and getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, it is important in Idle Ants that you need to constantly make upgrades to quickly complete the mission of the game.

Increasing of ant numbers and moving speed in Idle Ants

When you pariticipate in this game, you can see that each time getting food back to the nest, you can earn cash. Besides, with this cash, you can buy more ants and improve their moving speed so that they can help you get food faster. Although you need to spend cash for upgrading, this can help you even earn more cash. You should know that your ants can be leveled up and each time you move to another level, you can receive a sum of cash. You can follow the process of development through the level progress bar. Besides, Idle Ants also allows gamers to call the big ant or get 10 ants more by watching a video. When you have a lot of ants, if you want to know how many ants are bringing food to your nest every day, look at the icon above the level progress bar. It will tell you the exact number.

Get more cash in Idle Ants

As you know, you can level up and get food to achieve more cash. In addition, you also earn more cash by many other ways. In which, you can increase the food value so that each piece of food your ants get back will change more cash. Similar to calling the big ant, you can also get double cash by watching a video from the game. With the mission to bring fun and entertainment to the game participants, Idle Ants is still doing this well along with many other games. Of which the most known is Elastic Man, Interactive Inflatables, and Stretchy Man.