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Have fun with Choir

David Li comes back with another sounding game, called Choir. This is a game that allows players to make four elastic mouths sing by dragging them. This promises to be an interesting game, bringing fun moments for players. If you are looking for an entertaining game for your spare time, don't miss this game.

Create interesting sounds in Choir

Choir is really an extremely innovative product from the manufacturer. Although it is quite difficult to make a great sound or music from this game. But certainly the combination of sound and image of Choir will not disappoint players. On the contrary, you will laugh at those funny moments. There are 4 rubber mouths in the game, to make them sound, you need to pull the lower lip of the main mouth and the surrounding mouths will sing along. In particular, the pitch of the track will be developed according to you. In addition, Bartender The Right Mix is also a game that brings a lot of laughter to gamers with attractive cocktails. Join the game to make delicious cocktails and enjoy the fun moments.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the game.

Distinguished features of Choir

It can be said that this is a good game not only because of its simple gameplay but also because of its interesting features. The game gives you a choir that allows you to control them according to your own will. If you are looking for a game that can help relieve stress, there is no better choice than Choir. Let's explore together!

The cute from Choir

In addition to the interesting sound from this game, gamers will witness the lovely images from these singing mouths. You can drag them up, down, left or right to make different sounds as well as create exciting images from these rubber mouths. In addition, Choir also has the highlight of each mouth's black eyes. No matter how far you pull these mouths, the eyes do not deform, looking very interesting. For those who are fond of games with elastic characters like that, I would like to recommend it to someone on this website. They are Elastic Man and Blob Opera which are the favorite and highly rated games on our website.

The combination between the sound and the graphics

When standing apart from each other, whether the image or sound of the Choir shows the player the attraction of this game. However, when you combine these two factors together, nso will be even more amazing. If you pay attention, you will see that the longer the mouth is stretched in the Choir, the higher the pitch of the sound will increase. Then there will be a ladder showing the high level for you to follow. Besides, coming to Choir, players can not only see the cuteness from these singing mouths. But it also has quite special graphics. As the game's choir makes sounds with higher pitch, the surrounding image will show you as if you are in a cave with echoing sounds.