Bartender The Right Mix

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Would you like to drink a cocktail? Or, do you want to become a bartender? Bartender The Right Mix is a game that is developed for this mission. In this game, you will try many of your own recipes to make cocktails.

Enjoy Bartender The Right Mix

In Bartender The Right Mix, you will start the game with a small bar, and your objective is to make unique drinks to atttract your customers. This is an extremely creative career emulator game formula, allows and you to test new cocktail not dupliacate with anyone.

Become a real bartener in the game

First, become a bartender, learn new drinks and create your own unique recipes. Then show the sophike in preparation and achieve recependition and reputation in the eyes of customers. To get a high score, you need to make delicious cocktails. If your formula is not reasonable, the game will give you a suggestion, you can rely on it to improve a better cocktail cup next time.

Control Guide

Use the mouse to control the game. First, you can add more ingredients such as juice, wine, stone, or depending on the ingredients you want. Then, shake the glass of water you want to prepare. Shake with moderate force and then pour into a cup and enjoy a new drink you have created.

Some fascinating details in Bartender The Right Mix

This game not only attracts players who are passionate about mixing drinks, but also impresses many other players thanks to the funny details in the game.

The expression of the bartender character in the game

Coming to the Bartender The Right Mix, you will be the one who directly controls this man to prepare the cocktail glasses with the latest formula. Of course, because these are new formulas, they can succeed or fail. No matter what, the expressions and actions of this bartender after enjoying these coaktails are very interesting.

If that glass of water is delicious, he will show an exciting face. But if that cocktail was bad, his expression would be very funny, even spitting out fire. It's okay, those are just expressions that make the game more interesting and help players not feel this is a boring game. Because in fact, the work of the bartender requires continuous improvisation and creativity from you.

Diverse ingredients of Bartender The Right Mix

You can prepare excellent cocktails at a unique bar with lots of ingredients such as wine, juice and decorations. Combining wine and juice to create new cocktail flavors and decorate the glass with colorful fruit slices. There are so many different types of ingredients, you don't even know all their names, don't worry!

This game provides notes about the names of these ingredients for players in small captions in the lower corner of the screen. Remember, cocktails are unlimited creative drinks. Therefore, you unleash combining ingredients to bring customers a new flavor! Besides, to meet the needs of creative enthusiasts, our website provides you with other attractive games like Elastic Man, and Blob Opera.