Elastic Man 3D

25 votes 3.4/5

Elastic Man 3D is a relaxing game with a 3D elastic face. The game was created by David Li with the purpose of helping players reduce stress while playing.

How to play Elastic Man?

  • Different from all other games, you need a goal to complete the missions in the game. But for this game specifically, the purpose was simply to reduce stress by the funny sounds and elasticity that this man's skin brings.
  • How to play is quite simple, you just need to click on the face and drag in the direction you want. Create different face shapes, as long as it makes you feel excited and comfortable. This game is really nice and pleasant, it is suitable for all ages. When pulled, the face makes lively sounds that will make you feel truly relaxed and reduce stress.

Creative graphics

  • The game's interface is designed simply but leaves an impression on many players. The game's graphics use 2D graphics, giving the game a light and fun appearance. The most attractive point of this game is probably the elastic skin. You can see the 3D elasticity of the skin like real skin, it has extremely realistic softness and flexibility. There is stretch and wrinkling when pulled and released. The graphics are quite simple and do not have many highlights or sophistication. But this simplicity is the big draw for the no-frills creativity this game offers.
  • The eyes are quite responsive and move extremely flexibly. You will notice that the eyes always look in the direction you move the mouse. That is a quite special point in this game.
  • Another interesting thing is that this face has elasticity so even if you create other face shapes. Then it will still return to the original face. The game is really good and makes you fascinated by these simple yet addictive things. Additionally, you can join Hole.io to interact with many other players online. You need to move the black hole to compete with many other extremely interesting players.