Geometry Dash Breeze

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Geometry Dash Breeze gives players a completely new experience but no less exciting. You will overcome dangerous obstacles to conquer the harsh track.

Geometry Dash Breeze Online

Welcome to Geometry Dash Breeze! This is the sequel to Geometry Dash, a popular running game that has never let players down. Will you be able to conquer all difficulties in the game?

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For players who have enjoyed Geometry Dash Bloodbath, you must not have forgotten the key interesting points of the game. Basically, the gameplay of Geometry Dash Breeze is similar to previous games. However, this new version will bring players surprises and enjoyment thanks to its graphics and never-boring gameplay.


  • Use the up arrow key, spacebar, or mouse to jump up.
  • The Z key is used to set checkpoints.
  • The X key is used to delete the checkpoints that have been set.

Practice Mode

This is a good mode and indispensable in any version of this unique running game. Practice mode is used to train the player's fluency before entering the real race. In this mode, players can place checkpoints in the places you go through. As a result, you can save time completing the race. After setting checkpoints, the player can restart the game at the nearest checkpoint if you hit an obstacle. That is the highlight of this mode compared to the normal mode.