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Play Hole.io online

Continue to be a multiplayer game. Join Hole.io and control your bottomless black hole, move around the map and compete with many other players around the world.

Are you ready to defeat any opponents and become the leader on the ranking of Hole.io?

Become the master of Hole.io

Come to this game, you will control a hole to move around the city. What you need to do is suck everything you can into your bottomless black hole.

At the beginning of the game, your black hole will be quite small and can only swallow small items. However, the more items you collect along the way, the larger your black hole will be and the larger items you can collect. Of course, the bigger the items, the more points you get. However, do not try to swallow items that are too large when your bottomless black hole has not been sized up.

In particular, the game is like a fierce battle for the throne. You can eliminate opponents by swallowing smaller opponents to quickly increase in size and strengthen your position on the leaderboard. However, remember, if you can do it, so can other players.


Use the arrow keys to move around and collect everything.

Outstanding features in Hole.io

It is known as an arcade game with simple gameplay but has many fascinating characteristics. Like Elastic Man, and Monkey Mart, this game is very popular with participants right from the moment they join the game.

Hole.io's rankings

Before starting the game, don't forget to name your bottomless black hole. It will help you distinguish your black hole from other black holes in the game. Because sometimes when you join the game, you will see a lot of players choosing the same skin for their black hole as yours. Therefore, the name will be one of the characteristics to distinguish the players in Hole.io.

Moreover, anyone who comes to the game has a chance to put their name on the game's leaderboard. High scores in the process of conquering the game will help your rank increase gradually. Don't miss Hole.io's opportunity to compete with the best gamers in the world.

Options for game modes in Hole.io

Each mode will have its own requirements for the player. But surely, any mode of the game will not let you down. You will have the opportunity to experience the different modes in the Hole.io game with up to 4 modes:

  • Classic modes: Gain the highest score in 2 minutes.
  • Battle Royale mode: Be the last hole.
  • Teams mode: Team vs team.
  • Solo Run mode: Collect all things of the map in 2 minutes.

In addition, you can choose to play in different maps of the game without having to worry about having to unlock them. You can devour everything in a farm, cartoon town, street racing, or Japan.

Anyone when joining Hole.io will find the deep impression that the game gives as a limitless creativity. Once the game starts, players will find it simple but so addictive that they do not want to stop playing.