Drive Mad

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Drive Mad's Race

For those who are passionate about vehicles, especially off-road cars, Drive Mad is a perfect choice for you. Let's start the race and become the master.

Your targets when joining this game

Similar to many other driving games, such as Drift F1, the player's task when coming to the game's challenging track is to reach the finish line safely. Then you will be able to move to a new level with more interesting things. However, to accomplish this task is not easy. You need to overcome many obstacles without causing an accident to complete the challenge.

Obstacles in Drive Mad

Challenges in this game are pretty diverse. Sometimes, players need to overcome a blocks, if you're not careful the car can overturn. Sometimes, you will face a gap, requiring the player to cross the gap safely without falling into the water. In addition, you will also have to face high steps, you control the car to pass them to continue going forward.

Why Drive Mad should be your choice?

Controlling your truck in this online game is not simple but extremely fun. Join and see how awesome it is!

Exciting game features

Players will not need to trade anything to still be able to experience many different types of vehicles. It can be trucks, tanks, or cars of different sizes. Each car will be suitable for each terrain of the levels, take advantage of their strengths. Challenging terrain can cause your vehicle to tip over or make it difficult to move. Don't let it gawjo any danger. If you have an accident, you need to reload the level and continue the game.

How to control

You can move around by using the arrow keys. However, in this game, it is quite different from others. To move your car forward, press the down arrow key or spacebar, and to move backward, press the up arrow key.