Blob Opera

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The music game Blob Opera

This is an engaging game with the interesting sounds from four cute artists. It is obvious that music is an essential part of human life. If pop, rap, soul music, etc are getting more and more popular and are favored by many people, especially young people. Opera is also beloved, and it can appeal to all people inlcuding older people. Blob Opera seems to launch with this mission.

Guide to play Blob Opera

In this game, you need to drag the characters up or down to change the pitch of the voice. Besides, you can also move them left or right to change the vowel sound so it's harmonious. In particular, the pitches and vowel sounds have different levels that can produce different sounds. If you can apply them well, you can make a great opera.


You can use the mouse to drag each artist to suit each pitch or vowel sounds. When you release the mouse, they will return to their normal state.

Besides this game, there are many other games that also attract players with simple controls. One of them can be mentioned is the game Tap Tap Shots, a great basketball game. This will be one of the games that helps players kill time without getting bored.

Blob Opera and some interesting things

There are many music games, but Blob Opera can still leave a deep impression in the hearts of gamers. Moreover, it even makes them addicted to this game. Find out what the reason is!

The characters in the game

In fact, this is an experiment by David Li with Google Arts Culture. In addition, the vocals of the four lovely characters in Blob Opera are taken from four different artists including both male and female artists. For hours, Tenor, Christian Joel, bass Frederick Tong, mezzo soprano Joanna Gamble and soprano Olivia Doutney recorded to contribute to the success of this impressive game.

If you have ever had the opportunity to experience the game Elastic Man, you will find the excitement coming from the characters in these two games. In both games, you can drag characters in different shapes. However, in Blob Opera the main purpose of the player is to immerse himself in the music. Gamers come to Elastic Man for fun with the elastic face's amusing expressions.

Create great music in Blob Opera

Famous artists often have nahan fish tours around the world. Do it for your opera band. Along with that, the music will also be directly selected by you. You can choose to tour in Korea, UK, USA, or Mexico, etc. Then please yourself and your audience with the best music you can.

In addition, the game also allows players to capture memorable moments in each of their performances by recording that performance. You can not only capture the great sounds, but also the funny and lovely moments from the artists. This is also an opportunity for you to watch and listen to your performance again so you can improve it better in future tracks. Or, if you find this to be an excellent performance, why not share it with your friends? Let's enjoy a wonderful music party with Blob Opera.