Finn & Bones

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Introduce Finn & Bones

Your friend has been taken away by the bad guys, now, you join Finn and the brave princess on a mission to rescue Jake and defeat the villains. Are you ready? Start your adventure of discovery now!

Rescue your friends in Finn & Bones

You will find the enemy's hiding place, which is guarded by many villains. Inside the dungeon, use weapons and special moves to fight the enemies. You and your enemies will attack each other in turn, each person will hit the opponent once, and whoever runs out of health first will be eliminated.

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Use the mouse to control.

Equip Finn

To win this game, in addition to Finn's bravery, players also need help from the princess's intelligence. Take advantage of the hints from the princess to be able to find the optimal solution to this war and save your friend. Remember that upgrading weapons from in-game items will be the golden key to your success.

In Finn & Bones, every time you win against your opponents, you get attractive gifts. In it, you will receive items such as weapons, elixir, and especially XP points. At this point, even if the player loses the battle, the player still gets 22 XP. When you have enough points, you will be leveled up. At that time, Finn will have more health, which means a longer life and a better chance of winning.