Car Drawing Game

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What is Drawing Game online?

This is a game that is both creative and highly entertaining. For those who want to explore their creativity, Car Drawing Game will be a suitable game for this purpose without getting bored.

Draw to reach the finish line

You need to reach the finish line in this impressive game. However, unlike many other games, Car Drawing Game requires the player to draw the line to produce a car that can roll to the finish line. You will face many obstacles in the game, do not let them hinder your goal. Coming to this game, the wheels will be attached to the two ends of your line. You just need to draw and it will automatically move.


Use the mouse to control

Enjoy Car Drawing Game

When participating in this game, the player can only draw one line, once you release the mouse, the game system will record that as your final answer. Therefore, you need to think carefully to complete the challenge.

Use hints in Car Drawing Game

Although it is a game of unlimited creativity, sometimes you will have trouble drawing a car that can take you to the finish line. Every time before starting the game, you will see the map of the level. It provides the player with information about the layout of the obstacles also in the game. As a result, you can think ahead to be able to draw a car that can overcome those obstacles and reach the finish line safely. Or, if you're really stuck, you can check out the hints that will guide you in drawing a possible finish line.

In-game awards

The game allows you to play over and over again until you can reach the finish line and move on to another level. In Car Drawing Game, you will get a gold medal if you can complete the challenge on the first try. Of course, the more plays you need to complete the mission, the lower the prize you will receive. Don't forget to collect bright balls, helping you to move faster.

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