Stair Race 3D

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About Stair Race 3D

Let's start the game and become the championship in Stair Race 3D! If you are searching for a fascintaing game that can help you release stress after hard working or learning momments, this game is for you.

Get to the finish line first

Coming to Stair Race 3D which is a multiplayer game, you and your enemies have the same mission. Picking up the planks to build stairs for reaching another platform and then the finish line. In Particular, you just can collect stair planks that have the same color as your stickman. In this competition, whoever runs to the destination first will be the winner. In addition, the Elastic Man web has many other interesting games of which the most prominent is probably Car Drawing Game.


Use the mouse to control the game.

Interneterting truths about the game

This funny game consists of many great features that make gamers be interested in this game.

Tips and tricks

Stair Race 3D is a game that requires players to pick up planks as fast as they can to reach the destination. Sometimes, there are enough bridges for players building to move on other platforms. Sometimes, there is not enough demand for each player. Therefore, you can apply some of the following tips to win:

  • Destroy others' bridges by using your stair planks to change the bridge's color.
  • Punch your opponent to make them fall, but this can only happen when you have more stair planks than other players.
  • You can make them fall, they can do the same to you. Be careful!

Unlock more skins

Use your coins to unlock various skins to make the game better and better. You can change the color of your stickman character to your favorite color. Besides, you can also unlock skins for stair planks with different shapes such as apples, chocolates, bones, bananas, etc. And also don't forget to equip fashion accessories for your character to look like he is more beautiful and has more taste.