Geometry Dash Lite

13 votes 4.6/5

About Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a very popular running game, released in 2013 by RobTop Games. The game is the starting point of the sequels to this running series. Let's discover why the game is so loved!

Geometry Dash Lite's Game Modes

Complete 100% of each mode's challenge to get the winner's title. That is also the goal of gamers when coming to this running game. Although there are many different modes, Geometry Dash Lite does not force players to complete each track to unlock other tracks. Feel free to choose a mode you want and conquer it.

Diverse characters in the game

Gamers when coming to this peak game will have the opportunity to experience many different characters such as Cube, Robot, UFO, Ship, ETC. The interesting thing here is that these characters have different ways of moving, some characters can run, and roll, but some characters can fly. Do you think your character will be able to look better, more fashionable? Make it a reality by changing your character's skin.

Why Geometry Dash Lite is attractive

Although there are many interesting challenges, this game provides gamers with interesting features as well as moments of great entertainment.

Exciting gameplay

Control your character running on a challenging track where obstacles are always ready to hinder you. You will have to confront blocks and deadly spikes. Click the mouse to jump over them. Try to complete the challenge by running as fast as you can to the finish line. The more difficult the race proves the higher difficulty and you will get more stars when you conquer it.


  • Great music.
  • Vivid graphics.
  • Various challenges.
  • Attractive gameplay.

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