Moto X3M

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Conquering Moto X3M

The game gives racers difficult terrain and is waiting for you to conquer. Get on your favorite bike, put on your helmet and start your adventure in Moto X3M!

Overcome obstacles in the game

Coming to this game, the player's task is to control his car to the finish line as soon as possible. Keep moving forward while avoiding collisions with the Moto X3M's obstacles. You really need to pay attention to the obstacles in this game. Because just a little negligence can cause an accident. In Moto X3M, you not only need to confront the difficult terrain but also have to conquer the cogwheels, rocks, thorny hills, ... On the other hand, the obstacles in each level will change and become more difficult.


Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

Have fun with Moto X3M

Unlike Elastic Man, and Hole.io, it is known as a game with simple gameplay but its features are not simple. Thanks to these features, this game is getting more and more beloved.

Many levels

There are up to hundreds of levels in Moto X3M for your experience. If you want to unlock the next levels, you must overcome all of the challenges in the previous levels and reach the destination. In Particular, you will not be limited to the time of accidents. Even though you are killed by accidents or obstacles, you can still revive. However, time is the deciding factor in your achievement, don't be swayed!

Bike Shop of Moto X3M

As mentioned above, timing is important. The sooner you complete the challenge, the more stars you will receive. Each level you can get up to 3 stars. On the contrary, if you take too long to reach the finish line, you will get less stars, or even no stars at all. Try to get more stars and use to unlock new skins for your character and vehicle. You can own the character of Santa Claus and his car, ninja or skull.