Papa's Bakeria

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Papa's Bakeria is one of the interesting games in Papa's game series. In this game, you will be responsible to manage a bakery by making cakes and cashier.

Meet the customers' demands

To expand your store and attract more new customers, you need to make your customers satisfied with your cakes. Thanks to that, more customers trust and come to your bakery. In this game, instead of making cakes according to your taste, follow the customer's request. No matter how delicious the cake you make, it will still not be appreciated by your customers. They spend money to buy your cake, follow the order and make them happy with the quality of the cake as well as the service at the store. If you can do that, you can get more bonus coins in Papa's Bakeria.

Some info about Papa's Bakeria

This is a game where you need to develop a bakery to make it become the most famous one in the town. That's the reason why Papa's Bakeria has a diversity of ingredients.

Ingredients in this game

Papa's Bakeria provides players with a full range of machines to make delicious cakes. Besides, you also don't need to worry about the ingredients to make the cake. All ingredients and condiments such as crust, strawberries, chocolate, cream, or ingredients for decoration are available in this game. After the cake is perfectly baked, decorate it beautifully and then serve it to guests. Move on to the next section for more information about your customers!

Your customers in Papa's Bakeria

All the customers who come to your store will be recorded in the history of the game. You can look back to know who you sell cakes for. In addition, you can also know some information about them like what food they order, or what their favorite holiday is. From there, judge their preferences and tastes. Besides, you can also tell if they are easygoing people or not. Don't disobey customers and don't make them wait too long if you want to get more tips.

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