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Feel the love from the players for io games on our web like Gulper.io we continue to present you another io game called GooseGame.io. Let's join the game and enjoy!

Goose war in GooseGame.io

Size up your goose in-game

Each player who comes to this game will control his goose but with the same purpose. It is to collect a lot of food so that the goose quickly grows. Confectionery and fruit appear everywhere and continuously on the platform of GooseGame.io. Collect a lot of these foods and your goose will quickly size up.

Eliminate opponents

GooseGame.io is like a survival mini-game in which players can eliminate their opponents to win the top spot. So what do you need to do to eliminate your opponent? It's very simple, you just need to aim at the target you want to kill and use the goose's beak to peck them until their HP bar runs out, then they will be eliminated.

Reasons to choose GooseGame.io


  • Vivid images.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • Various game modes.
  • Customize the character's appearance.

Tips to win

GooseGame.io is a good game, but the competitive element in the game is also huge. Therefore, you can follow some of the following tips to be able to survive in this fascinating game.

  • Continuously collect food to quickly size up.
  • Destroy smaller opponents first.
  • Collect medics to heal.
  • Collect sword items to eliminate opponents in one peck.


  • Hover to navigate geese.
  • Click the mouse to attack.