Human Resistance

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Human Resistance Game

Human Resistance is an engaging fighting game. You use your strategic skills to defend your territory against the onslaught of alien attacks. Get ready to go to war now!

Defend your base

Coming to Human Resistance, your most important task is to protect your base. You will transform into a hero who will establish a base to defend the territory against the aliens who want to invade your kingdom. Also, a game with the goal of defending the territory, Emperors On Ice is also a good game, you can try.

You alone will not be strong enough to fight so many enemies. Therefore, you need the help of others. To do this, you need to build fortresses around the base so that as soon as enemies approach, they will immediately be destroyed. Besides, bring soldiers to fight with you.


Use the mouse to play Human Resistance.

Tips and Tricks

Recruit teammates

As mentioned, you need more teammates to increase your strength against the enemy. Therefore, you need to go to the port to pick up your teammates. Note that you can only pick up 3 people at a time. Therefore, you need to constantly pick up your teammates to make room for other teammates.

The more friends you recruit, the higher your chances of winning. You should remember, the cannons cannot work on their own, your teammates will help you control them. In addition, as a commander, you will also direct your teammates to join you in attacking aliens to keep world peace.


In Human Resistance, it is not enough to build a gunner to defend. Day by day the enemy is getting bigger, stronger, and attacking from more sides. Therefore, you need to upgrade your weapons and gunners so that they can deal greater damage to opponents.

Besides, every time you level up, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your hero character. Choose to upgrade a reasonable ability to have a higher chance of winning. You can choose to upgrade attack speed, upgrade health, or upgrade damage.

Other tips

Also, don't forget to follow some of the following tips to make this battle more interesting

  • If your buildings are destroyed, you can rebuild or upgrade them before choosing to start combat.
  • Recruit as many teammates as possible.
  • As soon as the leader is eliminated, you will lose. Therefore, do not let the hero's HP bar run out.
  • Repairing the gunner will not require you to lose coins, but after fixing it, upgrade it.
  • Build defenses everywhere, around the base to ensure that aliens will not easily enter your area to attack.
  • In the process of fighting, the aliens will focus on destroying you first. If you feel unable to destroy them yourself, lead them to the area with teammates and gunners to seek help.

Here are some suggestions that we would like to give you. Have a good time playing games with Human Resistance.