Emperors On Ice

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Description of Emperors On Ice

Welcome to the adorable of penguin world in Emperors On Ice! Your area is endangering by many intruders. Are you ready to join in the game and protect your world?

Killing enemies

Your territory is at stake, pick up your gun and get ready to fight against any enemy. You and your opponent will take turns attacking each other, whoever runs out of blood or falls into the ocean first will be the loser. When it comes to survival games, Rocket Bot Royale is also an exciting one that you should try to play.

Adding more teammates

When entering the battle in Emperors On Ice, try to get a high score, eliminate all your opponents as quickly as possible. After that, you will have the opportunity to recruit new teammates. They will help you increase your strength, even if a member of the team is defeated by the opponent, there are still other members who continue to fight.

How to win in Emperors On Ice

Aim properly in Emperors On Ice

You should remember that you can recruit other team members to stand by you. They can also go in teams with multiple members and take turns attacking you. Therefore, each time it is your turn to attack, try to deal as much damage as possible on them to eliminate any enemies as soon as possible.

Protect the people

The territory is invaded, the penguin inhabitants are also in danger. Sometimes, in the battle between you and the enemy, innocent people will appear. Try not to hit them. Quickly take down your opponents to keep your villagers safe.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and shot.