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AdventNEON is an engaging running game that combines action. You and your hero will together conquer all the challenges of this impressive game.

AdventNEON - Hero's Journey

Welcome to the super challenging world with the neon hero! Do you think you can overcome all the difficult and dangerous obstacles of the game? Start the game and find the answer offline!

Complete the challenge

Your main task in this game is to guide your hero to reach the destination in the fastest time possible. On the way to conquer the challenge, you will be attacked by monsters and intelligent machines. They know how to attack and use dangerous weapons. To be able to complete the goal, you must destroy all these obstacles.

Guide to control characters

  • WASD/ arrow keys to move
  • X/P to punch
  • Z/O to dash
  • C/ spacebar to jump
  • V/ I to B.ATK

Some important notes

On this journey, in addition to other monsters and machines, you will have to face many other challenges. The only way is that you have to overcome all to be able to finish. For lightning gates, if you go through it, you will be electrocuted. Therefore, use punch and dash at the same time to go through them and without obstacles.

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