Sky Riders

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Sky Riders is an attractive driving game. The air race is waiting for you with exciting challenges, can you overcome all to reach the destination?

Sky Riders Online Game

Arrive safely

This is a car game that will give you a sense of excitement but thrill when the track is designed in the air. Your task is to conquer these tracks to be able to finish. The track in the early levels will be quite simple, but it will become more complicated and dangerous day by day. If you like games like Speed Moto Racing, you're bound to like this one too.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate.
  • Press the spacebar to brake.
  • Left mouse button = interact with in-game UI.

Why is the game particularly popular?

Special race track

As mentioned, the Sky Riders track is in the air. Therefore, it gives players a sense of stimulation and excitement while playing the game. If you focus and control your vehicle skillfully, you can overcome the challenge. On the contrary, if you are a little negligent, the car will fall down, and the game ends.

Vehicles in the game

Playing Sky Riders, players will mainly control two different vehicles, motorcycles, and cars. Basically, the control is the same, but each car has characteristics that you need to pay attention to when driving. If you are not careful, your vehicle can overturn. In particular, if this level you control the moto, the next level will be the car and vice versa. Sounds interesting, right? Wish you happy gaming!