Speed Moto Racing

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Speed Moto Racing is an impressive moto racing game. You will accompany your racer to move and defeat all opponents to become the champion.

About Speed Moto Racing

When it comes to motor racing games, it is impossible not to mention Speed Moto Racing. This is a potential game that promises to bring players unique and exciting game experiences.

Master the track of Speed Moto Racing

Coming to this game, you will transform into a real racer and compete with other racers. The player's task is to try to save time to reach the finish line. The more you complete the race in less time, the more respectable your achievements will be, and the higher your chances of winning.

hope, if you take too long to reach the finish line, the opponent will take the opportunity to take the lead and defeat you. Therefore, players need to really focus while conquering the track of Speed Moto Racing.


To be able to play this game, you can follow the below control guides

  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to steer your racer.
  • Use the spacebar to brake.
  • Press Shift to use the nitro.

Some unique features

Speed Moto Racing's modes

The game includes 2 different game modes. While competing with two other racers for first place in the race mode, participating in the time attack mode, the player will conquer the track by completing the tasks set out by the game.

In particular, when playing in time attack mode, if you break the rules like hitting obstacles, you will be fined. Meanwhile, the race mode allows players to eliminate and waste their time by colliding with them.

Buy new motorbikes

Speed Moto Racing offers many different models of moto bikes at affordable prices for users. You will focus on improving and improving your personal performance in the races to earn more coins. That coin will be the means for you to buy a new car.

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