Red Ball Forever 2

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Red Ball Forever 2 is an arduous adventure of red ball. In this attractive game, your mission is to help him destroy all the enemies by jumping on them.

Accompanying red ball

In this super attractive game, you will transform into a red ball, also the main character of the game. The game is about your world being invaded by square monsters. In the world of Red Ball Forever 2, it is either round or square. Can you defeat those monsters so that your world will always be round?

Complete mission

To be able to complete the goal when participating in this game, the player needs to overcome the obstacles of the game. What you need to do is roll over rough terrain, jump over blocks, and sometimes even kill enemies.

These monsters have huge power, if you touch them you will be disqualified. However, if you approach them from above, that is, jump on top of them, you will destroy them.

How to play

To control their character in the game, players have two ways. You can use the arrow keys, or use WASD to move.

Items in Red Ball Forever 2

Besides reaching the finish line to complete the levels, players also need to collect stars to be able to improve their personal achievements, just like the criteria in Moto X3M. Besides, you can also respawn when possessing hearts, representing your life. Each time you accept the challenge, you have 3 lives. Good luck!