Lego Smart Run

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Lego Smart Run provides information to help players to use the internet actively. Besides, you will also have a good time with this unique running game.

Lego Smart Run - The Positive Game

Always keep positive emotions in the game

In Lego Smart Run, players will role-play and transform into a Lego ninja who looks like the characters from the famous Lego cartoon. Your task is to control to help your character collect happy emotions while avoiding sad emotions.

Moreover, the game also helps gamers have a more positive overview of the internet and how to use the internet. Occasionally, players need to answer questions correctly to continue the game.

Control guide

Welcome to a very unique and impressive running game. If running games like Ninja Run, and Run Run Duck bring players to the speed space, Lego Smart Run is a running game with a more unique and novel concept. Here is how to control the character when participating in conquering this game:

  • Player 1: You will use the mouse to control your character.
  • Player 2: You can use the left/right arrow keys to navigate your character.

Let's play the game and learn the features of this game!

Special features of the game

In addition to needing to answer questions during the run to conquer Lego Smart Run, players will also have the opportunity to change their character. After each level, your Lego ninja will be changed randomly.

Each question of the game will give you 1 star. Each level has a maximum of 3 questions respectively to 3 stars. It would be great if you could answer all three questions correctly.

In addition, the game takes gamers on a run with up to 2 players. That means you can play Lego Smart Run with friends or family. Hope you enjoy this game, and have fun playing the game!