Jom Jom Jump

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Jom Jom Jump is a fun jumping game with great graphics. You will help Jom Jom eat as many apples as possible in the process of conquering the height of game.

Jom Jom Jump - Game of reflexes

Today, we want to bring to players a very interesting new game called Jom Jom Jump. This is a great game to test your reflexes. Players will control their characters to jump on platforms to gradually conquer the heights that the game has prepared for you.

Together with Crunching Ninja, this game will be very suitable for children and any player who wants to improve their reflexes. Because just a little mistake, the character may fall and you will have to trade with Jom Jom's life.

Collect useful game items

Jom Jom Jump game requires players to climb high in a short time. The time bar at the bottom of the game screen will tell you how much time you have to conquer the game. But okay! If the apples are representative of your score, collecting them will help you increase your achievement, then for time, you will also have a way to stretch. Players should collect sand dunes that appear randomly on the game's grass platforms to increase their time.