Crunching Ninja

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Crunching Ninja is a fascinating ninja game. In this attractive game, you accompany and help your ninja collect as many apples and coins as possible.

Crunching Ninja - Apple Crush Game

Welcome to the fascinating game Crunching Ninja! Are you ready for the dangerous yet dramatic and thrilling action of the game?

Collect all apples

In this game, your main task is to collect apples. They will appear randomly on your screen. Control your ninja to jump around the platform to collect these red apples. At the same time, you also need to avoid the dangers of sharp hacksaws.

You collect one apple, and other apples will continue to appear until you can't collect any more apples. In addition, you can also collect more coins.

Control your ninja

To master the Crunching Ninja game, you can click the mouse, or press the SPACEBAR to control the ninja.

Unlock more ninjas

The number of apples and coins that you collect in this game will be a determining factor in whether you can unlock more ninja characters or not.

In Crunching Ninja, there are 12 different ninjas divided and arranged in 3 horizontal rows. The ninjas in each row will have different prices. You need to accumulate enough apples to own all these ninja animals.

Just like in Smash Karts, players should also try out all the characters in the game to find the ninja that suits them best