Galactic Maze

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Experience the game Galactic Maze which is an amusing game. You will control your starship to move and conquer the universe. Try not to get bumped anywhere.

What is Galactic Maze?

This can be considered a top entertainment game where you will accompany your spaceship to explore and conquer space. Are you ready?

Things you need to do

Galactic Maze depicts an interesting maze of outer space. If you want to conquer this place, you need to pass this labyrinth first. Players will transform into an excellent pilots controlling the spaceship that weaves through every corner of the maze to achieve the highest score possible.

The way to control

To navigate their spaceship, the player can use the arrow keys. You can turn left or right to go through the doors.

Other information

A few things you need to keep in mind

This game is not too difficult, but it's so interesting. When playing Galactic Maze, players need to pay special attention to the following characteristics.

  • If you collide with anything, you will be the loser, and the game will be over.
  • Players can cross the maze from side to side to avoid obstacles. Especially when you are too far from the door, use this way to get there faster.
  • The game speed will be faster and faster.


Galactic Maze is a game developed by Code This Lab. In addition, players can also try Neon Rocket, an equally interesting space game.