Neon Rocket

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Neon Rocket is a fascinating game. You need to guide your rocket to soar, collect items, and then land safely on the base in this interesting game.

About Neon Rocket

You are enjoying a game with extremely interesting gameplay called Neon Rocket. Get ready to join the game now!

Your goal in the game

In this game, you will control it so that it can move from base to base without accident. Remember, during the move, you should also collect Neon Rocket's loot such as stars or coins to increase your achievements and help you. In addition, you can also play HyberNeon Ball, another game on this website.

Game controls

You can use the mouse to control or use the arrow keys to move your rocket.

Hints from the game

Don't worry too much if you join the Neon Rocket challenge for the first time. Any player who joins the game can receive instructions from the system to help you have a good game experience and play the game easier.

Before starting, the screen will display hints to guide you through the game. alternatively, if you want to dig deeper, you can also go to the "How to play" section for instructions.