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About DuckPark.io

Welcome to the underwater race of adorable ducks. You will participate in a speed race where little ducks compete for the top position with each other. Who will be the winner of the DuckPark.io race?

Become the winner

Accompany a lovely little duck on the dramatic track of DuckPark.io where you will compete with 9 other random players to find the first to finish. The destination in this game is more special than other racing games because it will be a swimming pool in the water park. Whoever finishes first will become the champion with a larger amount of money.

Control instructions

Use the arrow keys to move, navigate the little duck left or right, collect items, or avoid obstacles.

Factors make DuckPark.io attractive to players

This is a game with extremely lovely graphics and images, set in a water park and the main character being little ducks. Unlike this game, Tallman Run is a game with quite simple graphics but still brings high entertainment value.

Some tips for users in DuckPark.io

In this game, your goal is to lead the race. So to achieve this goal, you should take advantage of the green speed-ups. They will help you increase your speed significantly to overcome your opponents. In addition, there is also a spring plate on the track of DuckPark.io that helps you bounce high and fly far. However, when using this item you need to control the little duck very carefully or you will be eliminated from the track. In particular, the game allows gamers to compete with each other by knocking opponents off the track and receiving bonus coins.


Are there any features to unlock in this game?

Of course. You can unlock new rooms and skins.

Where can I play this game?

This is an online game, you can enjoy it on our website, Elastic Man.

How to eliminate opponents?

You just need to approach them and push them left or right to make them fall off the track.