Tallman Run

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Have fun with Tallman Run

Regardless of the age of gamers, Tallman Run is a game for everyone. Take part in this game and experience the most relaxing moments.

Guide your stickman in Tallman Run

In this fascinating game, you will control a stickman moving on a track with many obstacles. Your task is to help this stickman grow in height and muscle by going through the blue portals. Besides, it is better for you to avoid obstacles such as barriers so that the stickman's size is not reduced. When you reach the finish line, you will have the opportunity to collect many diamonds, but at the same time the stickman's height will also decrease due to having to go through obstacles. How many rewards you can collect depends on how you can help stickman grow on the track.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Items will appear in Tallman Run

In this game, there will be many interesting items appearing and making the player's game experience more attractive. Besides, for players who want to experience other game genres, our website can offer Elastic Man, and Water Pipe.

Unlock skins and accessories in Tallman Run

Coming to the game, in addition to focusing on making your stickman bigger, don't forget to help him look more stylish. You can do this by purchasing items in the skin shop. Here, Tallman Run provides players with skins with different colors for your stickman. In addition, he will be more fashionable when wearing interesting hats. You can use the collected diamonds to buy these skins.

Items on the track

So how do you get the diamonds to buy those skins? Let's collect them on the track of Tallman Run. Especially, if you can reach the finish line, pass the level and confront the boss of the game to defeat him, you will get even more diamonds. In addition, in the process of conquering the game, you will encounter a lot of trampolines, helping you to jump higher to overcome obstacles and collect more diamonds. Don't forget to collect the size pills increase to develop muscle for stickman.