Bubble Pop Classic

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The Birth of Bubble Pop Classic

As a game developed by SUN.STUDIO, Bubble Pop Classic was released in 2022 and achieved certain successes. This is a game for people of all ages.

The way to get points in Bubble Pop Classic

This is an arcade game with simple gameplay, you just need to select balls of the same color to combine them. Then, shoot the prepared ball into the area with as many balls of the same color as possible. By doing so, you will be able to get more scores and will also complete the task faster. In addition to this game, Elastic Man, and DuckPark.io are also worth trying. Check them out!

Controls guide

Use the mouse to control. You can hold the mouse and move to aim accurately. When you release the mouse, the ball will follow your direction to shoot.

Some alluzing features in Bubble Pop Classic

This is one of the games with excellent graphics. It provides players with a vivid picture and sound when playing games extremely comfortably. Worthy of being on the list of games to kill time.

In-game support tools

Coming to Bubble Pop Classic, players will go through many different levels. The higher the level, the difficulty of the game also increases. In addition, the arrangement of bubbles in the game will also be different. However, your task in each level will not change, it is still to shoot down all the bubbles and collect up to 3 stars for each level. You can track to see how many stars you have achieved thanks to the star bar. In addition, you will also know how many bubbles are left to shoot through the game's message box.

Take advantage of special powers in Bubble Pop Classic

The game provides special bubbles for players to make the game much more interesting. Accordingly, you can shoot balls into the bubble containing cannons to make them explode and drop more bubbles, even balls of different colors. Similarly, bubbles containing lightning can also help you shoot more balls. Besides, don't forget to use other special balls to help you quickly complete the challenge.