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Betrayal.io game is about an ideal world where you can experience many activities. Control your character to go fishing or play the imposter game.

Play Betrayal.io Online Game

Do you like to play fishing games like Tiny Fishing or a fun game Among Us? Both these games are combined and appear in a new game today called Betrayal.io. Are you mentally prepared to conquer the game?

This is a multiplayer game where you will have a chance to meet, make friends and play games with many new friends. Control your character to complete the tasks in the game.

Go fishing

Betrayal.io offers players a platform that simulates the ultimate recreational fishing area. You will use your fishing rod, cast bait, and fish special fish. The more you catch the big fish, especially, the higher the price you can sell. During the fishing process, you can also chat and make friends with many friends around the world.

How to play: Use the WASD to move and use the mouse to fish. You will click the mouse to release the fishing rod and navigate the fishing rod. When the fish bites, you will hold the mouse so that the hook icon is inside the green zone until the top progress bar fills up to catch the fish.

Imposter game

If you have ever played Among Us, you will not be too familiar with this game. When playing this game, you can transform into a crewmate or betrayer. If a crewmate, the player needs to complete the quests in the game, fix the disruptions caused by the traitors, and vote to disqualify the player. Meanwhile, if you are a traitor, you need to get rid of crewmates that go away, and trigger disruptions to affect the crew. In addition, you also need to lie in the meeting to not be eliminated.

A special character in Betrayal.io is Jester, who will pretend you are a betrayal. When you transform into this character, you will win being voted out in a meeting.

How to play: Use the WASD to move, and the mouse is used for action.

Set Up A Personal Account

If you create your own account and log in to that account to play Betrayal.io, you will get many advantages. Players can save the data and continue to develop themselves in the game. You can also make friends and play games with your friends. You can even get more money and buy backpacks in the game. These are all limited features if you do not have a personal account, play as a guest. But if you have an account, everything will be much more convenient.