Among Us

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Introduction of Among Us

All the action in Among Us takes place on a spaceship made up of different units. Starting a new game online or against the computer, you will play as an astronaut or impostor, which is kept secret from other players.

Your goal in Among Us

If you are a crew member, you must try to avoid the fake and quickly find out who it is before it is too late. But if you're an impostor, the goal is to destroy the entire crew by sneaking up on them and hitting the kill button (KILL). This mission is a bit similar to the player's mission when coming to Hunter Assassin 2. Or, you can play Elastic Man when you just want to relax with a simple game.


The controls in Among Us are not too complicated, You can use arrow keys to move. You can also click the mouse to perform in-game quests or report a player if you think he's an impostor.

Why Among Us attracts gamers' attention

Customization in Among Us

This is a game that allows users to choose everything before stepping on the spaceship. You can name your character to distinguish him from many other players. Another way to distinguish your character from others is to customize the colors, accessories and pets for your character before going on a journey into space. In addition, you can also customize some other stats such as kill distance, speed, kill cooldown, and tasks amount.

Game that combines puzzle and reasoning

In the game, after all the action, a chat room will be created for everyone to discuss and judge who is the impostor based on what they witness. In the end, they vote together to find the bad guy. Among Us brings an extremely suspenseful feeling full of plots, actions and suspicions. This is an extremely fun online playground for you to entertain, play against the machine, with a group of friends or strangers around the world!