Astro Knot

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Astro Knot Online Game

Astro Knot is a fascinating arcade game. In the game, the player needs to control his astronaut to fly as high as possible through the grassy platforms.

Interesting gameplay

Wearing a gravity vessel on your back, your astronaut is on a mission to travel into the spaceship. However, to accomplish this goal, he needs to overcome the game's grassy platforms. Can you help him?

Navigating the astronauts jumped up each grass floor without falling down or facing any danger. Astro Knot will calculate points by the grass shelves that you pass. The higher you go, the more grass you jump over, and the higher the score you get.

Game controls

Players will use arrow keys to control their character. In the game, astronauts will automatically levitate with gravity tanks. Meanwhile, the platforms also move continuously from right to left and vice versa. You will also help the astronaut fly left or right with the right/left arrows to avoid falling.

Challenges in Astro Knot

If grass shelves are a dangerous obstacle, especially those that are constantly moving, the spike traps are even more dangerous. Sometimes even when you reach the grassy platforms, there are sharp spikes. If you don't avoid the spikes, you'll still get hurt and fall down. Means the end of the game.

Many times playing a game forever will make players feel bored. But that's okay, in addition to this game, you can experience many other attractive games, and Heist Master is one of them.