Heist Master

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Heist Master is about a smart and hardworking thief. Help him solve all obstacles in front of him to avoid danger and reach the finish line quickly.

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Is a game developed by
Izyplay Game Studio, Heist Master always gives players great experiences. Playing this game, the player's task is to find the place where valuable assets are stored.

To achieve this goal, you need to overcome a series of other obstacles. Brainstorm, look around, and find a logical way to overcome all the difficulties of the game. As a puzzle game, Heist Master requires you to quickly make your decisions correctly to complete the goal.

Impressions of Heist Master

How to play

When participating in this game, to help your thief character move, you can use WASD, mouse, or arrow keys. Besides, the spacebar will help the player push the crates.

Heist Master can be considered an exciting game that you can enjoy on the Elastic Man website.

Heist Master tips and tricks

  • Move wisely and don't be too hasty.
  • Pay attention to the instructions of the game to ensure you do not fall into the traps.
  • Touching the security lasers will cost you your life.
  • Push the crates in front of the laser beams to block them and open up a safe path through.
  • Collect the keys to open the door.