Twin Shot

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About Twin Shot

If you don't know what to do in your spare time, what do you think about enjoying an online game? Come to Twin Shot and experience this exciting feeling!

Defend your territory in Twin Shot

Demons are plotting to invade your territory, either you can destroy them and protect your land, or you can't. Transform into a winged angel and use your arrows to battle these villains in Twin Shot.


Player 1:

  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Press F to fire.

Player 2:

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to fire.

What's special about Twin Shot?

Life in the game

Each time you play, you will be given 3 lives. That means you can only fail no more than 3 times. If you run out of allowed lives, you still haven't completed the mission, you will lose. Also, if you want to try another game, Elastic Man is for you.

Game levels

Twin Shot is a game designed with many different levels for you to experience. Join the game and conquer all game levels. However, in this game, the difficulty is increasing day by day and so are your enemies. They appear outnumbered and stronger with armor sets that are hard to destroy.