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Play Swingo Online

Are you ready to join Swingo to accompany your pet in search of food which is a giant pear? Come to the game and have fun with the game!

Guide to conquer the game

When joining this game, you will control your frog to use you arm and hand to stick to blocks and swing through the platforms to get the pear. At first, it can be pretty easy for you the get this mission. However, the higher levels you play, the more difficult you need to face.

Control instructions

In order to control this game, you can use the mouse to the nagivate the direction of your pet and then click your mouse to stick to the blocks.

Have fun with Swingo

Unlock more pets

Taking part in Swingo, you will see that after each level you conplete, a ball is fighting up. When that ball is full, it will hatch another pet for you. There are a lot of types of pets in the game for you experience. Enjoy the game, complete your missions, and you can take your pet to various challenges.

Game features

  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • A lot of levels.
  • Conquering the time.
  • Accompanishing various pets.