Super Stickman Fight

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Super Stickman Fight is an action game about Stickman. You fight on any platform with different features. However, the major mission is to defeat all of them.

Super Stickman Fight Online game

Are you ready to confront a series of mighty warriors in Super Stickman Fight? Here, the enemies are always ready to defeat you at any time. Start the game and accept the challenge.

Defeat the enemies

In the game, you will take turns fighting against different enemies. In each match, you confront another stickman. Your mission is always the same, defeat them by all means.

You need to pay attention to the enemy's HP bar, when they gradually turn from green to red, you are fighting effectively. When that HP bar runs out, you will be the winner. However, you also need to pay attention to your HP bar, keep your bar always green.


Use the mouse to move and attack others.

Weapon Unlock

When fighting in Super Stickman Fight, you will see stars appear. Collect them as much as possible, these stars will help you unlock more weapons such as swords or shields. At the beginning of the game, you only have simple fists to fight, but if equipped with more weapons, your strength will increase significantly like the warriors in Pixel Shooter.