Stretch Guy

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Stretch Guy Online

Stretch Guy has interesting gameplay that you cannot find in another game. You control your character to achieve the goal by helping him climb the wall.

Stretch Guy in Stretch Guy

Your character in Stretch Guy is a rubber stickman who has the ability to stretch parts of his body. And that is the advantage for you to complete the mission in this game. Are you ready?

The player's goal when coming to Stretch Guy is to bring the stickman to the finish line, where a smiley face icon is waiting for you. You will control your character to climb the wall over dangerous obstacles to bring his face into the smiley face icon. When you complete this mission, you are also eligible to move to the next level.

Control instructions

You use the mouse to control your character. He needs your help to climb the wall on all fours. To help him, you need to use the mouse to drag each of his arms and legs to the wall and climb to the required location.

Factors that make Stretch Guy so popular

Exciting Features

This game is known to be a more special game than many others when its gameplay is almost different from those games. Besides, the game also has extremely attractive features that make players unable to leave.

  • Simple but eye-catching design.
  • Includes many levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The character's body is made of rubber.

Various challenges

Also, a game with stretchable characters like Elastic Man, but Stretch Guy is more special when it comes to giving you certain challenges. The obstacles in the game are the factors that create these difficulties.

When participating in the game, you will encounter hacksaws and blocks that can injure the stickman's body. If he gets injured, this game is over.

Tolerance is also a challenge that you need to pay attention to. Don't let Stickman fall into this dangerous trap.

Sometimes, you will be blocked by bars. Therefore, you need to open the safety pin so that these bars disappear and pave your way to the finish line.

You also need to be especially aware that the stickman's body is rubber. This has both advantages but also certain disadvantages. If you stretch him too much, the body will break. Therefore, you should stretch the stickman's body with sufficient stretch. To recognize this, you can look at the character's facial expression. If he's happy, everything is fine. On the contrary, if his face is uncomfortable, it means that his body is being stretched too much. Please note it!