Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

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Challenge your intelligence in Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle. You will pour colored water into cups one at a time so that each cup has a distinct color.

Experience Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

The game is an interesting puzzle. In the game, you will be provided with many glass tubes containing water. However, the water in the pipe will be arranged in layers. Each floor is a color. Besides, you will also have an empty tube.

Player's Mission

To overcome the game's challenges, you need to pour each floor water in the tube into the others. Level the water in turn so that until the end, each tube will only include a single watercolor. Of course, the tubes will all be filled with water. Can you complete this quest in the Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle?

How to play

To play this game, players need to use the mouse to control and enjoy the game.

Conquer the levels

When participating in Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle, players will go through many different levels. The levels all require you to complete the same goal, however, the difficulty is different. The higher the level, the greater the challenge. You need to fill more tubes with water and each tube will initially have more layers of water.

That's why Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle is known as a game that challenges users' intelligence. If you can quickly conquer the game, then you are a smart person. Besides, we also offer many other interesting and impressive games on the Elastic Man website. You can try and experience it!