Slope Ball

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The adventure of the ball in Slope Ball

If you are a fan of running games, you should not ignore Slope Ball. Although this game has a simple and familiar gameplay, the concept is extremely special and attractive. Are you ready to conquer the asteroids in the game?

Avoid any traps in Slope Ball

On the way to Slope Ball, you will encounter and be prevented by many dangerous obstacles. Either you avoid them and continue your journey or you will be killed by them. The obstacles in the game are mainly sharp thorn traps that appear scattered everywhere along the way. Therefore, if you hit them, your ball will definitely be injured. Try to jump over them, or sometimes float the ball so as not to collide with anything. Keep doing this until you reach the finish line and you will move to another level.

If you want to experience a more idle game, Elastic Man is for you. This is a place without any obstacles but still brings great entertainment moments. Or, you can also have fun with Choir which allows players to create unique sounds.

How to guide your ball

In this game, you don't need to make the ball roll, it can automatically roll on the way. To help your special ball jump over the obstacles of Slope Ball, you can click the mouse, press the spacebar or the up arrow key.

Impressive things in Slope Ball

There are many factors that make this game more alluring than some other running games. Here are a few interesting things about Slope Ball that any player coming to the game should know. Follow along!


There are so many different characters in this game for players to choose from. Participate in this addictive game, you can try experiencing the adventure with one of many types of players. All of them have special appearances like fancy UFO, powerful robot, ball with many different expressions, impressive ship. The characters in the game will have their own powers.

  • If you use ships or UFOs to overcome obstacles, this is a character that can fly in the air.
  • The wave will take a zigzag path.
  • Other objects will jump up every time you use the control button.

Besides, you can unlock many skins for them by watching a video or moving on other portals.

Game's maps

In this game, there are up to 11 asteroids that you need to overcome to save the world from scary mascots. These asteroids are divided into different lands Xpart, Truth, and Dark Trip and are guarded by mascots that are dinosaurs, snakes, and bats. When you clear all the obstacles in the game, you will be racing to a portal that allows you to move to a new land.

You can track the game's progress bar to see where you are, and how long it will take you to reach the finish line. When completing the challenge and getting 3 stars in a sharp way, the seller will move to another map.