Rope Rescue Puzzle

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About Rope Rescue Puzzle

Rope Rescue Puzzle is a fun puzzle game. In this game, players will transform into fire, helping victims out of danger to a safe location.

Rope Rescue Puzzle Game Online

This is one of the best games on our web. The game not only brings great moments of relaxation and entertainment but also helps players realize that the most important thing to do when there is a fire is to save people. Besides Idle Firefighter 3D, this is the next game we want to introduce to the gamer community such a humane game about firefighting.

In Rope Rescue Puzzle, you will transform into a firefighter. However, the extinguishing of the fire will be in charge of others. Your mission in this game is to save the victim from the fire.

Take the victim to a safe place

An ambulance is waiting below to move everyone to safety. Can you get them out of that fire and move? Use ropes to connect from the high position where the victim is and to the area where the ambulance is waiting.

In particular, in the process of moving, there will be dangerous obstacles. If you are not careful to let these victims bump into them, you will probably lose. Please choose the location and how to connect the rope as reasonably as possible to complete the mission of the game.

Guide to control the game

In Rope Rescue Puzzle, to control and complete the game's objectives, players need to use the mouse.

Game Modes

The game has two basic modes. Let's discover the difference and fun from these two games.

Levels mode

This is a mode that allows players to challenge themselves through many different levels. Each level will bring its own challenges, more and more difficult. Either you can save the victims from the fire, or you will lose.

Challenges mode

This mode of the game is more special. You will have the opportunity to experience two types of challenges in this mode.

Limited time mode: In this mode of the game, the player needs to complete the objective within the allotted time. When the time is up, you have not saved the victims, you will lose.

Hard mode: This mode has simple rules, similar to normal mode. However, in this mode, you need to overcome more difficult challenges.