Penguin Extreme Puzzle

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Penguin Extreme Puzzle is a game that intelligently uses logic strategy to overcome challenges. You will help the penguin go out to sea by removing ice sheets.

Set Sail in Penguin Extreme Puzzle

Coming to this game, you will accompany the lovely penguins. The eggs need to be taken to a safe place to be cared for, cared for, and then hatched into adorable baby penguins. However, to accomplish that goal, the player needs to take them through the icy cold river.

Use your small boat to do this. In particular, each time you go, you can only bring one egg. Be careful if you want both yourself and the eggs to be safe. In order for the boat to set sail and carry you and the egg to safety, you need to reposition the icebergs that are in the way ahead. The master needs an empty line, you can go through it immediately.

Some features are equipped in the game

Use hints

Penguin Extreme Puzzle provides tools for players to conquer the game more easily. In it, hints are a great tool when facing difficulties. Each time using this game function, you can get instructions to help you get more ideas on how to move the icebergs properly. In addition, after arranging the ice but not getting the desired result, the player can choose to reload to play the level again.

Each time you use the above function, you will be a certain amount of heart. However, do not worry, Penguin Extreme Puzzle gives you a lot of hearts to be able to play this game.

How to control

Use the mouse to arrange the ice in this game.

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